How to purchase

We are glad you are interested in AMWAY products!

In Lithuania you can purchase them on  If you want to buy goods in another country, see at the bottom of the page.

Choose the most suitable purchase method for you in Lithuania:

Registered customer

Registration: free

How it benefits you:

  • Free registration
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions
  • free shipping for orders on minimum 50 euro
  • Connect with an Amway Business Owner for personal advice and


Pricing: the wholesale price

Registration: 10,80 €/year*

How it benefits you:

  • Gain easy and fast access 24/7 to high quality products for everyday use
  • Earn additional income with a low-risk, low-cost business model
  • Find a better work-life balance
  • Choose to grow your business full time or part time
  • Receive support via mentorship, training tools and apps
  • Expand your customer base thanks to a convenient online shopping experience

Amway offers start-up discounts for newly registered customers if the first order is placed during 10 days after registration:

  • Free registration if value of the first order is 100 PV and more (~ 200 €).
  • 15% discount if the value of the first order is 200 PV – 300 PV additional to free registration.
  • Gift coupons for the purchase of the next month.

* Take advantage of a special offer and chose the most convenient way to know more about it:

1. By phone +37068545120 

2. Through Facebook messenger